Our story

Our story started about 12 years ago when a young person became a real estate agent, quite accidentally. But this coincidence persists today, but now it is called being in love with real estate and that is the source of constant inspiration and motivation that is the always present stimulus.
After a number of years spent in other agencies, we have felt the need to do this job we love in the way we like - honestly, directly, friendly. Then we realized that there was only one way, and that was opening of our own agency! And here we are, Limina Real Estate has budded from that little seed planted with love. Our root is deep and firm, the tree is solid and stable, and our curious branches are still widening and growing, growing, growing ...
We always want to learn more, work even better, provide our services with even more quality! And we think we can do it because our positive energy pushes us forward, and your smile is a proof that our efforts and continuous training are worth it.
Long-term rental of houses and flats/apartments in Zagreb has long been our emphasis, and then we realized that we were equally apt at renting business premises. A number of successful concluded sales has further expanded and shaped our business. Renting, leasing, buying, selling, renovating a flat/apartment or house, consulting, energy certification - for all that, and much more, our external associates and we are at your disposal.
Satisfied customers are our only goal and our best reference.

Real Estate Owners
Thank you for letting us into your homes, your trust is valuable to us and we will always strive to justify it and keep it. When you open the door to your flat/apartment or house to us, you open the doors of your life and allow us to look at it and we appreciate it endlessly. There are not just rooms and spaces built between these walls - many stories live here - and we love stories! Your story is our motivation and a roadmap on our joint journey.

Our brave real estate seekers!
Thank you for letting us find a new home for you. Whether it is buying a flat/apartment or a house, Limina Real Estate Agency is happy to participate in your new beginnings, in creating new and happy stories!
Of course, apart from assisting and organizing the whole process, from the first step (choosing a real estate) to the last one (handing over the documentation to the Land Registry), we may still spend some more time together. If you need services from architects, we will gladly recommend them to you. You might also need construction service providers? No problem!
You might want to call us a housewarming party? Absolutely no problem! We cannot wait to see your new nest because we helped in creating it!

Our dear urban nomads! The new home is not just the one that is bought, right? We know that very well, we were in your shoes. But, a temporary home is a home no less, so it is very important to choose the best. Here is where we come to the scene - from drafting offers for flats/apartments and / or houses, up to the day of moving in and lowering the suitcase, we are by your side. Thank you for your trust, we will always try to find you the best flat/apartment or house to rent in Zagreb. Zagreb is our city, we know it well, and real estate is our passion.

Our dear expats! Diplomats, employees and managers of various companies, you starting your own business in our city, you coming for a tourist visit and never leave, you coming to study! - You are all welcome! Thank you for the fact that we, Limina Real Estate Agency, were the first door you knocked on.
We will be pleased to find you a new home in our beautiful city, renting a flat/apartment or house in Zagreb is our specialty. Our mission is for you to feel at home here. Welcome!