Real estate brokerage

 What, in fact, is brokerage?

"Real estate brokerage includes activities of agents concerning connecting the buyer and the third party, and the negotiations and preparations for the conclusion of legal transactions whose subject is a particular property, especially when purchasing, selling, replacing, renting, leasing etc.", as is stated in the Real Estate Brokerage Act.
But, what does it actually mean?
The mediator is the real estate agency you hired, you are the customer, and you become one at the moment you hire an agency to find a buyer (lessee) for your property or when you have given an order to an agency to find a property for you to buy (or rent). You sign a brokerage contract with the agency, and it should not be avoided. It determines the obligations of the mediator, but also your obligations as the ordering party.
Limina Real Estate Agency is the ideal mediator for long-term rental of houses and flats/apartments in Zagreb, as well as leasing of business premises for all purposes. In addition, we are equally committed to sales and purchase brokerage and successfully combine the demands of the market with our offer.

Choosing the agent

To begin with, you should know that sale or lease brokerage for your real estate can be legally entrusted solely to an authorized agent, i.e. a registered real estate brokerage company, which is listed in the Croatian Chamber of Economy (HGK) Commercial Directory of Authorized Agents and Real Estate Agencies. Choose an authorized agency! The list of authorized agencies is publicly available in the HGK Directory - do not hesitate to put in some effort and time, validate before choosing! Limina Real Estate Agency meets all the requirements for performing legally regulated activities - you can easily find us in the Directory!
In addition, choose a quality agent that will do all the necessary work for you, provide you with all the necessary instructions, accurate and timely information, and guide you during the whole process.
Also, always ask about business conditions and accept them only if they are acceptable for you!
The primary role of the agent is to represent you as the ordering party while protecting your best interests.
Limina Real Estate Agency is a smiling professional, a serious negotiator and a friendly guide that leads you all the way to a common goal.