Real estate rental and lease

You want to rent your property? Or maybe you want to lease?

If you are interested in renting a flat/apartment or house in Zagreb, or in leasing a business space, you are on the right place - on the website of a reliable agency that will promptly, professionally and willingly help you!
Limina Real Estate Agency has been learning, acquiring new skills and knowledge, perfecting previously acquired experience for many years now, and has gained a great deal of experience in renting and leasing business premises in Zagreb. Yes, we have to boast and say that we are very skilled and successful in our work!

What is your first step?

Your first step, whether offering a real estate or leasing one, is to choose an agent or a real estate agency. After having chosen, the agent will guide you through the whole process, while referring you to all further necessary actions.
Consider the agent as your personal assistant! It needs not even to be mentioned how important it is that the chosen real estate agency is high quality, professional, as well as helpful and friendly.
Since you are visiting our website and reading our short guide, we hope this agent will be exactly us! Contact us by phone, e-mail or by visiting our office.
Limina Real Estate Agency is looking forward to meet you!

What is our role?

Competent, experienced and always at your disposal, the Limina Real Estate Agency will facilitate the whole process, speed up your search, and save you time. We guide you step by step, in a friendly and safe manner.
Yes, you say, but what does it exactly mean?
If you are offering a property : we visit your property to inspect it, propose a market price, review your ownership papers, take professional photographs, present and advertise it not only on our website, but also on most relevant internet real estate portals in Croatia, we actively present it in on-line search engines and social networks, we negotiate, draft contract proposals, and during the process we work with lawyers, attorneys, architects, civil engineers and certifiers as needed. At the very end, we carry out the transfer of the real estate. A lot of work, is it not? Leave it in safe hands - leave it to us!

If you are looking to lease a property : we actively search, we collect offers according to your instructions, filter out quality properties and narrow down the choice that is best for you - of course, only according to your wishes and requirements. Furthermore, we advise and suggest in accordance with our experience and knowledge, we check the ownership papers, and we take you to lookouts. But, we also take you to coffee and a cake when you are baffled because you do not know what to choose! Once you decide: we negotiate, draft contract proposals, supervise the entire process of realization, and during the process we also cooperate with lawyers, attorneys, architects, civil engineers, certifiers, as needed. Upon successful conclusion of the deal, we carry out the real estate transfer. But that is not the end of our cooperation, because we are at your disposal even after that