Services for real estate buyers

If you are a buyer, we know what is waiting for you, because buying a flat/apartment or a house in Zagreb is always a challenge. We must admit that sometimes it is a source of stress, but be courageous - together, step by step, we will surely and successfully reach the goal! We know that it is often difficult to navigate in a sea of real estate, and you, our dear clients, often contact us at the point when you are already exhausted and inpatient.

Limina Real Estate Agency will help you, save you time (yes and sometimes even your nerves) and speed up your quest.
How? After you come to visit us, meet us and choose for your agent, but also a companion on your real estate adventure, we go to work! We will actively look for real estates that meet your desires, requirements and needs, filter those that are of high quality, exclusively with the right ownership documentation, go with you to view the properties, advise and direct, suggest in line with our experience and knowledge, all in good faith. When you choose your new home or new business space, then we negotiate, negotiate and negotiate again, seriously and professionally!

After that, we draft a proposal for a pre-contract and / or a purchase contract, and we support and coordinate the entire sales process - from organizing the signature verification, up to transferring the purchased real estate and, if necessary, registering you as a new owner in the Municipal Civil Court in Zagreb, Land Registry.
We collaborate with architects, attorneys, civil engineers if necessary.

Limina Real Estate Agency (Lat . threshold!) is at your disposal for a quality, safe and direct way to your new front door!