Services for real estate sellers

When you decide to sell your real estate, you have to be prepared to invest a lot of time: on countless phone calls, on hours of repetition and explanation (...!), a lot of time for potential buyers who may just be viewing out of pure curiosity or compare it with the real estate they are planning sell. Your time is precious, so do not lose it! Better, save time, and leave it to us to find a serious buyer (we know how to spot one!).

Limina Real Estate Agency will alleviate the search and save you a lot of time. Yes, you will still have a lot of visits and presentations of your property to potential buyers - be prepared for that. However, you can always entrust us, with complete confidence, of your property key and carelessly perform your other activities and tasks. When we say that there will be a lot of visits, that means you got the market price right, meaning we have advised you well! We will always give you an expert opinion on the real market value of your property at a given moment, we should not overestimate it (but we can, well, slightly), but we will surely not underestimate it. It is our duty if we want to sell your property as soon as possible, but of the best quality possible - even when you unfortunately may not like what we have to say! We know the opportunities on the market very well and we carefully keep track of it, because only then can we perform a successful job for all involved parties, and above all for you.

We will continually advertise and present your real estate on our websites, as well as on most relevant internet portals for real estate in the Republic of Croatia, also on internet search engines and social networks, and offer it to potential buyers through offers and oral presentations, arrange sightings, if needed, advise on furnishing the property to be more attractive to the buyer, suggest, responsibly and expertly negotiate in your best interest. We draft a proposal for a pre-contract and / or a sales contract, and we support and coordinate the entire sales process - from organizing signature validation to transferring the sold real estate. We cooperate with architects, attorneys, builders, certifiers.

Entrust your property to experienced hands - Limina Real Estate Agency!